Region envelop and cutting 7.1.0

Hi All!
I’m new to Ardour. The Version is “Ardour 7.1.0”.
I want to do a mastering over a multi-track-recording and did a region-envelopment on each track already.
Now I wanted to cut the tracks to rearrange them.

The Big problem is, when I cut a track or a group into two parts, the region envelopment don’t match to the sound-data anymore. The audio-data are cutted as I wanted, but the envelopment restarted from the beginning. The envelopment-pattern repeats every cut… :woozy_face:
How do I cut the tracks keeping the envelop stay with the audio-data?
Best regards Gabriel

This is a known bug in Ardour 7 (already fixed for upcoming 7.2)


Thank you!
Then I will wait for 7.2.

Thanks alot!
You are right, Robin ! I compiled the actual version from Source, there the cutting works as expected :grinning:
The rest of the work, I can do with the official Version.
The version 7.1.0 is already great, the next Version will be even better.

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