region editor

havin a problem/question about the region editor.

i’m doin the sound editing for a documentary with ardour at the moment.
the source files are at least 25minutes long and i’m searching them for needed sounds and atmospheres in audacity, while they are completly importet in the ardour project.

so, when i’ve found a “region” of sound i want to use in ardour it would be usefull just to copy the in and out timecode audacity shows me to the region editor as start and endpoint of the complete source file to get just the little piece i need.

end point works, but clicking starting point just asks me if i want to use timecode or beats and that kind of stuff not allowing me to define the timecode.

is this a bug or am i doin something wrong.

thanks forum

I just took a look at it ( SVN 7625) and it looks like a bug wich affects both “Sync Point” and “File Start”. Instead of enabling numerical entry it shows the context menu wich should be only accessible on right click.

So I think it would be a good idea if you write a report in the issue tracker.