Region context menu UX

Something I’ve been wondering about.

Why when I right click on a region do I have to go into a sub-menu for actions to affect that region (or selected regions)?

Shouldn’t that be the default list of actions? If I don’t want them to affect that region I wouldn’t have right clicked on it in the first place.


Imagine a track (or a section of a track) that is entirely populated by regions. You want to carry out an operation on the track, not one of the regions. So you … context-click on the track … but there’s a region in the way.

So we show you a menu that allows you to access both the region actions and the track actions.

Got a better idea?

What about putting the track actions in this context menu, would that work?


That doesn’t work so well for things that more positional in nature (i.e. where you clicked matters in some way). That said, not much in that menu has that property.

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