region automation question

up till now i have been controlling volume chanes in a track with track automation.
i want to try working with region automation, but, unlike with track automation, region automation is not always visible–only when i pass over the automation with the crosshairs tool.
my question: how can i have the region automation always visible, as with the track automation.
thanks in advance for any help!

right clicking is always a good way to explore ardour possibilities.

in this case, right click on the region, choose its name from the menu that appears, and in the sub-menu, choose “Envelope Visible”.

thanks for your reply. i know about the right clicking and making the envelope visible. the problem is, the envelope doesn’t stay visible, only when i pass over it with the crosshairs tool.
maybe there is something else i should be doing?

When you create an envelope across a region, it doesn’t show a green indicator line?

hippie, I see the same as jaskah, region envelopes are only visible on mouse-over.

I’m not sure what would be causing that. On my own project, any region with an envelope is reflected by a green line. The envelope “points” are hidden until mouseover, but the envelope indicator is present regardless. If I right-click and deactivate the envelope, the indicator changes from green to grey but doesn’t disappear. Sometimes when tracks overlap, the top region will hide the envelope on the bottom region, but again… still there. What happens when you alter some of the “View” settings from the menu (like… show waveforms)?

by going to the theme manager window and hitting “restore defaults” the green lines for the region automation are now always visible.
i don’t know how, but somewhere along the line the original green color of these lines got changed…
thanks again for everyone’s replies.

thanks jaskah - I’ll try that