Reducing outputs displayed in jack

HI Team,

I’m running Ardour 6.3 outputting into jack.

When I open connections in Jack I have loads of Ardour outputs that I am currently not interesting in seeing and it is cluttering up my screen. Likewise when I have a mono track it gives me 2 outputs from it even though surely there should be one.

Do you know how I change the settings to not see these in Jack i.e. stop Ardour sending them out ?

Short version is nope, that is part of what jack is, and there isn’t a current patching controller (QJackCTL/Cadence) with a filtering ability that I know of.

The second part of your question, why does a mono track have two outputs, is ebcause there is most likely a stereo panner on that mono track, so while there is a single input (mono) there are two outputs (Stereo) as that is the default and what most people expect/want. You can change this manually by removing outputs from the track and disabling the panner IIRC. Then you might want to save a track template and use that to add tracks in the future.

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Thanks Seablade. May I ask how you disable the panner IIRC ?

Disable the panner by right clicking on it I believe and selecting either disable or bypass or something along those lines from the menu.

Not something i use a lot so going off memory, but pretty sure it is correct.


Bypassing the panner doesn’t give you only one output.
For that you have to right-click on the track’s colour bar in the mixer and deselect Strict IO.
Then right-click on the bar again, select Outputs, right-click on either ‘L’ or ‘R’ and select Remove.

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Good clarification!

By default every track has as many outputs as the master-bus has inputs.

In Ardour, panning is done on the source-side, so the track has to have multiple outputs.
If you really do not want this, you could create a session without a master-bus, or make the maser-bus mono.

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That helped and it managed to gt rid of some. Thanks.
Just have LTC_out, Click/audio_out1, Click/audio_out2, Auditioner/audio out1, Auditioner/audio out 2 to get rid of now.

You cannot get rid of those [1]. Metronome and Auditioner are non optional features, as are the timecode generators.

[1] You’d have to patch Ardour’s source-code. A much simpler approach would be to use a connection-manger that allows you to hide ports that you don’t need.
Ardour’s connection matrix for example puts those on a different pane.

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