"Reducer" - A new Bandshed Records release


Just passing along a new release made with Ardour in our “Bandshed Records” studio. “Reducer” is a 5 song EP of Modern Indie Folk and the first solo EP by Connor MacArthur (who incidentally is my son and Rated Blue’s drummer).

Songs were written and recorded by Connor and I poked my head in occasionally for some mixing and mastering here and there…

It’s on Spotify and all major streaming platforms:

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Hi GMaq,
it’s a big change from Rated Blues’ songs, but it’s also nice to listen to. I really like the ambiences and depths of reverbs , particularly in “Anniversary”. Good shot young man!
Thanks for the share :slight_smile:

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Found it on Google Play. Listening now :smiley:

Here’s the GPlay link for my fellow Google Music users: https://play.google.com/music/listen#/album/Bm7y2gahtorxawpvi4mntowrtou/Connor+MacArthur/Reducer

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Well @GMaq not only your son plays well drums and do back vocals !

He s a good singer, nice voice, does he play all the instruments?

It s a musical genre I like to listen too, in cocoon mode at home like a sonday afternoon in the autumn, chill :wink:

Congrats @Connor , i specially enjoy Waking hours

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Thanks very much for listening!

Yes he did play all the instruments, I’m glad you liked it! He has another album coming out in a month or two that is much less introspective and more ‘rawky’. I will pass your comments to him! :grinning: