Recovering Plugin Settings when a 'Stub' is used

Waves is not working well for some reason. Plugins are working. Session is saved. After reload, Waves plugins are replaced with stubs. I did a rescan and I will see if that solves the recurring issue . It likely will, but after rescan, stubs remain.

Is there a way to recover the plugin settings that were used with a plugin that was replaced with a stub ?

Did you update to Waves 15?

Only 1 plugin that was not being used was updated to V15. So, I did ‘update’ but all my other plugins are V10-V14 I don’t know how that Waves Shell works, it scanned several different versions. This also did happen on SSL ChannelStrip V2(iLok) and a Brainworxs plugin in this project as well. Two of these ‘stubs’ were drag n’drop copies from one track to another, which has cause issues before. But a majority of the plugins were selected with the plugin selector.

I have had this happen twice this week on Ardour 8.6 downloaded from here using Win 10. Previous attempts at debug output on plugins have not been productive.

I ask because we have seen several reports from Mixbus users and also users of other DAWs about problems with Waves plugins after the v15 upgrade/update.

Some of those problems have been solved by a complete plugin rescan.

Window > Plugin Manager … Rescan, and then reload the session.

(or alternatively enable Preferences > Plugins > Always scan for new/updated plugins at application start)

@x42 After the stubs appeared, I did a full rescan & reload. The stubs remained after reload, even though the plugins were available when using the plugin selecter , and back in the favorites.

@Paul I was suprised to see stubs for the bx and ssl plugins, as those have not been updated for about a year. SSL is iLok , bx is not.

iLok recently had some major server "update’ a few weeks ago. I don’t know if that is a contributing factor, but other daws on my system had slight issues with iLok plugins.

If and when this happens again , are the settings for the plugin stored somehwere? Can they be copied & pasted, or the ID updated ?

No problems so far after full rescan.