recover a session


when get this :

WARNING: resolved note-on with no note-off to generate Note #26947: pitch = 67 @ 572.609 … 600.681 velocity 76 chn 0

on terminal, where to search (to delete the note) ?

Thanks !

Probably best to ignore the message.

Well… problem has gone worse, this session is not opening now (segfault). When launch ardour3 from the command line it says :

$ ardour3
bnd txt domain [gtk2_ardour3] to /usr/local/share/locale
Ardour3.5.403 (construit avec 3.5-403-gec2cb31 et la version de GCC 4.7.2)
ardour: [INFO]: Votre configuration-système limite Ardour à 1024 fichiers ouverts
ardour: [INFO]: Chargement du fichier de configuration-système /usr/local/etc/ardour3/ardour_system.rc
Chargement du fichier de configuration-utilisateur /home/f/.config/ardour3/ardour.rc
Using SSE optimized routines
ardour: [INFO]: Chargement du fichier de config. d’IU par défaut /usr/local/etc/ardour3/ardour3_ui_default.conf
Chargement du fichier de config. IU /home/f/.config/ardour3/ardour3_ui.conf
ardour: [INFO]: Loading ui configuration file /usr/local/etc/ardour3/ardour3_ui_dark.rc
Found nothing along /home/f/.config/ardour3/templates:/usr/local/share/ardour3/templates
run dialog
Announcement is:
RemoteVSTClient: all cache files are up-to-date, not running scanner
Scanning folders for bundled LV2s: /usr/local/lib/ardour3/LV2

Segmentation fault

/var/log/messages says :
Nov 24 19:35:56 f kernel: [ 3979.164028] ardour-3.5.403[5519]: segfault at 1c ip b7073d37 sp bfce0d0c error 6 in[b704a000+48000]

Can’t find on WWW anything relative to “error 6 in”, so any help will be appreciate, it’s a big session, probably the best mix done since years, I need to export it !!!

Have compiled A3 without debugging, do you confirm that option 2 will be ok in the link you provide ?

Done, it’s Mantis issue 0006044.