Recording to CD-R

I’m having difficulty in using the RANGE (CD TRACK) MARKER feature in Ardour.

First of all, I used Ardour at the 44.1Khz rate to record a LP vinyl. Now that I have it digitize, I played it back through the Envy24control mixer’s S/PDIF output to record to my Philips consumer grade CD audio burner.

The problem is that I can’t get the CD burner to recognize the CD Track Marks that I established within Ardour’s “location window”.

I recorded an entire 79 minutes album with 13 selections on one stereo track by creating 13 individual regions with a 3 second gaps between each of them.

How can I get my Audio CD-burner to recogize Track Marks?

What am I doing incorrectly?

Basically, I going from Ardour through the S/PDIF channel of the envy24control mixer through the S/PDIF out of my M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard to the S/PDIF in of my Philips Dual Deck audio CD-Player/Burner unit.

its not possible to “send” track markers via an audio stream. Track markers are used when exporting the audio to a disk file - ardour will write an additional file for use by a CD burning application such as cdrdao so that it can write the track markers into the CD table of contents. the S/PDIF stream you have set up is audio only, and cannot deliver this information to the burner h/w.

there is a description of how to burn CD’s from ardour sessions in the manual:

I’m not quite clear on the parameter setting in the hardware section of the ENVY24CONTROL mixer.

Does the settings in the category section in the diagram from the link above represents the source device or the recording device? Should I set it to CD (ICE-908) since I’m recording to a audio CD-Burner or should I set it to PCM encoder since that is the source format I think?

I just completed a mix with Ardour and I will like to record it to my Phillips CD-R audio burner through the S/PDIF output of my M-Audio 2496 audiophile soundcard. The CD-R is receiving the digital signal, but I’m not quite sure what parameter should be checked in the category section above.

One more think…My Ardour recorded session was 119 minutes long. When I recorded to my Phillips Audio CD burner I lost 7 minutes…I’m using a 700MB CD that holds 80 minutes of audio and it stopped recording at 73 min…What happened?


I’m happily digitizing an lp. I have both sides recorded on 1 track in Ardour. I can export the entire track as a WAV file and burn a 1-track CD. But I’m not clear on how I should work in Ardour to identify the individual songs for burning to a CD.

I clicked the link above:

which sent me to an empty Forum page.

I have also tried to understand the “Exporting to CD” section of the manual:

but it’s maybe too compact for me to understand.

Once I have marked the range for each song on the track in Ardour, what are the steps that take me to burning a CD that lets me play the songs individually?

It is all there but I’ll try to reword it for you step by step in case it helps.

Basically, you need to create range markers by clicking and dragging across the length of the range you need (note not a range selection of the wave form…this can be a bit confusing…rather make sure you click and drag above the wave forms in the section above the loop markers).

Once you have your ranges (they are called unnamed 1, unnamed 2 etc etc), you then open the Locations dialog and you will see in the bottom section the list of ranges you have just created and their in and out points. You should rename the ranges to the names of the individual songs/tracks as they will appear on your CD.
Then make sure you tick the ‘CD’ option box on the right for each of the ranges. Fill in any other info that you want in the fields that come up.

Now goto the export dialog and export your whole session, making sure you select the option to create a ‘TOC’ file as well as the WAV file.

You will now end up with ‘session.wav’ and ‘session.wav.toc’ which has all the information for the in and out points. Then type the command # cdrdao write session.wav.toc (you may have to define your cd burner device, for help type man cdrdao) and it will burn your cd with individual songs/tracks as you defined in Ardour!

Note that if you did your export and you forgot to tick the create ‘TOC’ option then you can export just the toc file without having to do the entire wav file export again, as long as you haven’t made any changes to your session.

Hopefully that works for you.


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