Recording silence, troubleshooting?

Not sure what’s wrong because I already recorded successfully in Ardour last year.

I click the record button at the top, I also click the record button on the new “Audio 1” track I made, I hit play, talk into the mic, press stop, a new clip has been created, but the wave form is just a flat line; silence.

I can record fine in Audacious, in my SimpleScreenRecorder software, just not Ardour.

I also tried different audio drivers - previously I just used PulseAudio, but since I’m having issues now, I tried Jack - that was an adventure, having to install qjackctrl, constantly getting an error about “not able to start real time”, trying to create a new audio2 group with realtime permissions and add myself to it as per these instructions, same result, finally uncheck “realtime” in the qjackctrl interface, and got back to square 1; being able to record again, but it’s just slience.

I also tried ALSA, silence as well.

What could the problem be?

You may not have assigned an input to the track.


Have you tried clicking this button to assign an input to your track?
My screen capture application does not allow me to capture the image with the menu displayed; I’m in KDE… :person_shrugging: :grimacing:

Ahh thank you - I now see a waveform :slight_smile: man, this whole time it was just about not using Ardour properly.
Using that info and a quick read on busses and tracks, I also got it outputting through the headphone jack monitor of my AT2020+ USB mic. Now I can get cracking. Thanks man!

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