Recording Red Zeppelin drums via GUI view?

Is there a way to record Red Zeppelin drums by using the drum set image window?

The drum sounds are played but there is no added notes into editor view. If the step entry recording is used the step view piano keyboard is opened. So far I can add only manually notes in Draw mode. Is the the draw mode only option is with this plugin?

If the piano is used with virtual keyboard the piano notes are recorded to the lines.

All advises are welcome. Thanks in advance!

Yes, the GUI is intended for audition only.

The problem is timing. Mouse-click as well as plugin-GUI → DSP communication is jittery and has significant latency that is not acceptable for tight drum patterns.

No there is not. Step-entry in Ardour is not directly available to plugins. The MIDI Events for step-entry have to arrive at a track’s input-port.

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