Recording of my father: Ballad of Hanna Cash, Berthold Brecht and


I did an all Ardour recording (standard LADSPA-plugins) of my father singing the Ballad of Hanna Cash:

What do you think?

Gruesse, Pablo

Thanks. :slight_smile: We did a few more songs today and first impression is, that they sound not quite as good as this one. But I didn’t have much time to figure out what I did wrong. We’ll see.

The micros are cool (for the price :smiley: ). It was important to me to record the songs before it’s to late. And for me personally it’s ok, if it sound a little rough and a little cheap.

  • Two mics.

  • Two tracks, guitar and vocals.

  • Guitar: One where the neck meets the body. 10cm distance from the guitar.

  • Vocals: About 10-15 cm. My father is not very disciplined with the micro-position. He’s moving round a lot. Did use a compressor though, which seems to help with the different levels, too.

  • Yes, I did use a pop filter, but not very accurately.

Gruesse, Pablo

Sounds good. You and your father sound like you are having a great time with this. Really cool stuff. :-]

Room treatment is the most important thing.

The mic sounds very good. I can’t believe it is that cheap. I will be getting a couple.

How many mics did you use in this recording?

How many tracks were recorded?

Were did you place the mic in this recording?

How far was your father from singing into the mic?

Did you use a pop filter?


Wow, I’ve heard that tbone mics are good sometimes… but this is amazing for the price :smiley:

And yes, room’s very important, even though mostly underestimated.



yes, I just figured that out, browsing the forum.

Thanks for the compliment. Well I used two of these very, very expensive microphones:


They surprisingly really sound great. But it’s also the room of my father, it also has a good sound.

We were just checking out today how to record a few of his songs. Planning to do 4-5 more.

Gruesse, Pablo


… and Ernst Busch

Hi Palmann,

we should initiate a German Ardour meeting, there seem to be a whole lot of Germans here :wink:

It’s a very fine recording, it’s well balanced, I like it! Which Microphone did you use for the vocals?


i like the recording! which compressor did you use in there? it sounds still very organic and natural, what i often miss when a compressor is (too much) used for voice…

Master: TAB Dynamics (st) by Tom Szilagyi
Guitar: TAB Dynamics (M) by Tom Szilagyi
Vocals: TAB Dynamics (M) by Tom Szilagyi

Gruesse, Pablo

Please tell more about plugins !

Honestly, I don’t know more about them.

Gruesse, Pablo