Recording midi track via usb the clip is interrupt

Hi. I record a session to me that I play drums. The session includes two audio track and a midi track. No problems with the audio track but the midi track is incomplete, it is interrupt. I have 2 microphones and a usb trigger interface. I can’t understand why the sequencer show me the midi track, I see the notes but not im the totaly of the time line as the audio tracks. Where I can find the midi tracks in the file system of the pc?

They MIDI files are stored with the session below interchange/TheSessionName/midifiles/

Probably the easiest way to get there is via right-click in the “Recent Session” dialog. A context menu shows the location where the session is on disk, and allows to open a file-browser. There you can navigate to interchange

Can you elaborate? Are notes missing (not recorded)?

Not notes missing, but parts of the track is missing. It seams like it records the recording session framentated in differently clips. If I import the midi track in a other software I see these short midi clips, with the midi messages (the kick drum, the snare drum ecc.), but they non corrispond about my execution. The strange thing is that during the recording session, the midi track was listening the midi messages correctly. I can send you the project if you want.

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