Recording MIDI Piano – How to Sync Grid After Playing?

Is there a way to record the MIDI (piano) and then adjust the grid to the timing as I was playing?

P.D.: I was using cubase, this was the manual: Correcting the Audio Definition Grid (

Wait for Ardour 8, out in a few days, and the answer is yes. We think our solution is better than that found in any other DAW (you may have your own opinions).


Ok, thanks for the answer, I’ll wait Ardour 8. I don’t want to use Cubase anymore.

There’s a subtle distinction here:

the Cubase manual shows how to assign tempo (i.e. warp markers) to a single clip. This tells the clip how to stretch to meet the session’s tempo map.

Whereas our tempo-mapping will graphically appear very similar, but instead it will adjust the session tempo map to match what you played.

Based on the OP’s question, I think our solution is better than Cubase. but “your mileage may vary”

-Ben at Harrison

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I think it depends on whether you want to tidy up what you consider to be “sloppy” timing…

Or whether you value the “human” changes in timing as part of a dynamic performance.

There’s a place for both but, in general, I like the idea that the grid should adjust to the humans, rather than the other way around.

If you want to adhere to a strict grid timing, the best way is, probably, to use the metronome when recording.

All IMO, of course.



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