Recording MIDI and audio from external synth timewise not in sync

I recorded playing on a SH-201 synth. Both the MIDI data and the audio. When I look on the playlist, the data is not in sync. I expected that the key down event on MIDI is at least closely aligned with the audio signal. But audio is way ahead of the MIDI event. Is there something wrong with my setup?

This is the routing setup:

Check out the ‘Setup & Calibration’ section on the following page:

Switching to ALSA instead of JACK worked for my setup.

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This is likely due to pipewire not reporting latency correctly. There are known issues with that (not just MIDI, but overdubs in general).

Please try with Ardour/ALSA. I have made extensive tests to ensure that MIDI aligns (even built a small synth using an Arduino that produces an impulse when MIDI is received).


Thanks for the fast reply. I think now I am at a point where I need to think about buying some audio interface :slight_smile: With pipewire / Jack it seemed to me that I can route stuff very flexible. With ALSA on the laptop with the HDA Intel device, I do not even have something where I can send audio in.

And something I do not understand with MIDI vs. audio tracks. After switching to ALSA, and setting the input device to SH-201 in Audio/MIDI Setup, I build the following tracks and routing configuration. I thought this way I will capture the notes played on SH-201 to the MIDI track. That outputs I connected to ZynAddSubFX input, ZynAddSubFX output to an audio track, and that audio tracks output to master in.
I thought I would hear sounds from ZynAddSubFX, but I hear the patches played from SH-201. And the MIDI data is too recorded on the MIDI track, and propagated to the ZynAddSubFX track.
How come this? Does the audio from SH-201 get all the way to the audio track as well?

Looking at the SH-201, the usb has MIDI and L/R Audio available. Since you have selected it as an audio input device, it will always set your audio tracks to record from that audio device. You can manually remove the connections on the audio track, or do not set it as an input audio device on startup.

There is a menu selection to determine whether track inputs are automatically connected to the hardware audio inputs or not.

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I did not set the inputs for the audio track to the SH-201, thought that this is enough. The inputs to the audio track are set to ZynAddSubFX out. But I think I am fooled by something else.
When I open the ZynAddSubFX UI, and switch patches on the SH-201, the settings on the components of ZynAddSubFX change. When on SH-201 I select group User and bank A, I can select on numbers 1 to 8 a preset on ZynAddSubFX. I dont know how this works, but I assume that ZynAddSubFX reacts on those MIDI messages. I have no other explanation.

MIDI has program change messages, presumably the keyboard sends those and Zyn responds to those messages.

Yes. Thanks for your support guys. I will now figure out how ZynAddSubFX works in detail. Anyway the reason for the whole setup so far, SH-201 is just the convenient way to get notes into Ardour :slight_smile:

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