Recording issue

When I start a new record (For third time) , it appears this. I’m using ardour 7. I’m unable to save session too. This happened when I try to record with count in (HOME KEY → SHIFT+>)

EDIT: I’ve installed Ardour 8, same thing. Just it records 2 sec.

Hi, can you show your Audio/MIDI Setup window? Do I understand well that this recorded audio from screenshot sound like gibberish? Also, what happens when you try to record without count in?

Maybe is a project bug. Cause with a new project it works ok.


I was working with a copy of project (The option that allows to create a new version). So, I opened first original version and it works like a charm, no bugs, múltiple recordings, tracks, etc.

I guess this bug appears with new version copies.

It seems that new versions was corrupted.

Can you describe the steps you believe you took that led to this issue in (a lot) more detail?

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