recording/indexing voice talent speaking large phrase lists

I am working on a web application with text to speech output, and I will need to have thousands of phrases recorded and indexed for playback. Think all the possible numbers and dollar amounts to start, then expand to, say, medical terms, or names of drugs. I googled for software support for this task, but I came up dry. As I start to plan a program to support this task, it occurred to me that maybe the digital audio workstations have automation support, so they can start and stop recording and save the file with a given name via some API, so a control app can display the phrase for the speaker to say for that clip. Is that something that Ardour can do? Or is there other prebuilt software that would be suited for this use?

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your help.


ardour is not what you’re looking for, I think. I does not support any “scripting” or macros. (it may do in the future, who knows).

If all you need is something that reads lines out of a file with one word per line, make an audio recording and name the file from the word, that would be fairly simple to write as a shell script.

(Some Jedi mind-trick there Seb? :slight_smile:

Take a look at jack_capture or arecord

Thanks for the tips, guys! That will save me a lot of time.