Recording Hydrogen Midi output in Ardour

Hi Everyone, I hope you all having a wonderful day.

My Linux Distro is Fedora 36.

I am trying to record Hydrogen Midi output with Ardour when both of them are synced.

I have made use of the JACK system, and I have successfully recorded the drum audio from Ardour.

Even though I could make keyboard midi input to Hydrogen, I could not receive the midi output coming from Hydrogen.

Here are more photos:

Is there anything I missed or anything I did wrong? :frowning:

You need to create a MIDI track in Ardour, and connect the Hydrogen MIDI TX port to the Ardour MIDI track input port.

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FWIW, when I work with both H2 and Ardour, once I’m satisfied with the H2 “song”, I actually export it as MIDI file from H2 and import it in Ardour.
I find it simpler than going through the hassle of recording the MIDI.

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After testing, I figured that it was the problem with hydrogen that it’s not outputting MIDI signal at all from the TX, it can only accept midi control from RX.
Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

Got it, that’s a good idea. :grinning:

Well, it does output MIDI ! and I can record it in Ardour if I want ! It’s just a bit of a pain to setup …
In H2, in the instrument panel, you have to make sure each used kit element has a channel number defined and the expected midi note.

MIDI channel is OFF by default, which most likely explains why you’re not receiving any data in Ardour :wink:


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