Recording Bender Information

Hello all,

i have an electric guitar in a midi track (via VST plugin) and i want to add bender information afterwards. how can i record this into the same track so that when i record i also hear the guitar at the same time?

The only way I can think of is to open a second track, assign it to the same midi channel as the guitar track, record the bender in that track. Then copy the Bender region into the guitar track and merge it. Theoretically this should work, but seems very cumbersome to me. Do you know an easier way?

I am not quite sure I understand your request, but normally you would use pitch bend. If you don’t have a controller (e.g. a MIDI keyboard with a pitch bend wheel), you can use automations.

I have a keyboard with a pitch bend wheel. And yes, I mean pitch bend.

Okay, let me try to explain again:

I have made a midi recording. I want to add pitch bend info to it afterwards, but not by hand (with the mouse). I want to turn the pitch bend wheel during the playback of the corresponding passage and insert the resulting pitch bend info into the region.

I hope that the problems of understanding are not due to the fact that I write the text here in German and have it translated by AI afterwards.

open the automation lane for pitchbend messages on the track you want to control then arm the automation mode to “write” then go on recording your “real time afterwards” bends on the part you want off this track.

Yes, thank you! Right, there was something! Oh man, I used to do that in ProTools too, but it’s been 15 or 20 years, so I forgot …

Just, because I’m interested: I can’t seem to figure out, how to do that. I presume, that pitchbend on an automation lane is what is named “Bender” in the automation context menu of Ardour, is that correct? At least, the fader of this automation lane moves, when I use the pitchbend on my keyboard. But I can’t find the “write” mode, there’s only “play” and “off” available to me.
Any suggestions?

@toxonic: Right, I just checked, I don’t see a “write” mode on Bender either.

The way I described in the first post works by the way, I tried that.

Pitch-bend automation are MIDI events recorded into a MIDI Region.

So you first record audio, then rewind, and record Pitch-bend. You end up with two stacked regions. The top-most region contains only Pitch-bend events (and hence looks empty on the timeline):

With track-header, context menu > Layers: Stacked:

The key is to make the top-most region “audibly transparent”, so that regions underneath are not muted.

You can do that before recording by setting record-mode to “Sound on Sound”:

or later by selecting the top-most region and disable Region Gain > opaque (either from the main menu, or the region’s context-menu).


Hey Robin,

if I donate to the Ardour project, does anything come specifically your way? Your contributions here are worth their weight in gold! Thank you so much!

Yes, about half of my income comes from download subscriptions and donations.

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