Recording and bleeding

I will have a pre-recorded drum track as one stereo track and then a mono track in which I am recording bass. It records the bass, but also the drums bleed over. Keep in mind I am recording direct and there is no sound recorded except for my bass. It’s like it’s just copying the drum track into my new track and mixing it with the recording. I need it to stop this madness.

that sounds like you have the drum track output somehow routed into the bass track input, as well as the actual bass. Check with qjackctl routing or just with the “edit” button of the drum track input.

what type of soundcard dou you have? Some of them have a ‘record what you hear’ option (at least in windows)…if your’s does, make sure you turn that input off.

I’d concur with the “soundcard” being at the core of the problem. I use a Phonic mixer that has a switch to toggle the monitor output from the computer being mixed back in to what is sent. You will probably need to refer to the documentation for your hardware.


No it’s not a hardware issue as I used to use Ardour with Ubuntu (just like now) and after I reformatted and reinstalled Ardour I had this problem. While I’m at it, the program makes horrible noise when I stop playing or recording, and the normalize function isn’t working. This is utter chaos.

It is related to your hardware. You have “software monitoring” enabled in ardour while your hardware is capable of doing it. Change your setting to “External Monitoring” at Options -> Monitoring.


You are god. Thank you so much!

Well actually that fixed the horrible noise problem but it’s still sticking that drum track into my new track. Ugh.

yes because your hardware is mixing back the output into the input, the “horrible noise” when you had software monitoring on was feedback.

It would help me out enormously if someone could let me know what the mixer and input and output settings for each track should be. It used to be fine by default but for some reason it now isn’t. It keeps wanting to record from that first track and my mic input at the same time. I’ve spent hours changing those settings around but to no avail.

that depends on your sound card…

jack detects your inputs and puts them in the order IT thinks its logical…not necessarily your logical inputs order.

For example, I have a crappy onboard sound card, and a delta 44. Well, that dosent mean my delta will be first…You have to “tell” jack whats your main input. in the setup/interface option.

Once this is done, the only thing you want in your inputs is the recording source…(ittl say sopmething like ALSA 1 and ALSA 2) just left click on the input of your track, and meke sure there is nothing else.