Recorded MIDI Disappears but Plays Back

Hi, I’m trying to record a MIDI track from an external device using a clean install of Ardour 7.1.0 on a clean install of Fedora 37. I’m finding that the notes are visible while Ardour renders the region during recording but disappear as soon as recording stops. I’ve made a quick demo video, available here: Proton Drive

Here’s what’s happening:

0:00 - 0:04 - Recording MIDI. We can see notes appearing in the region as expected.
0:05 - Recording stops. MIDI notes disappear from the region.
0:06 - 0:15 - Disconnect MIDI device (clock out & hardware in).
0:16 - 0:22 - Playback. No MIDI notes are visible in the region, but notice that the level meters in the top right corner are moving–I hear the notes + metronome in my headphones.

I’ve scrolled up and down in the track to make sure the notes aren’t just hidden off screen. I hope I just have something configured incorrectly–any help would be appreciated. If it’s an Ardour issue, I am happy to report it on the issue tracker.

Thank you!

Maybe the length of the notes is that small that you can’t see them, even if zooming in. You can verify that by using percussive mode for that track (right mouse on that track > note mode).
The level-meter of the track itself is not active, your track is still armed for recording. Disarm the track and verify that the trackmeter is responding when playback).

Yes! Thank you! I haven’t had a chance to test this comprehensively, but a quick check indicates that setting percussive mode before starting the recording seems to prevent the notes from disappearing when recording stops. The track meter was indeed responding in sustained note mode–I just forgot to disarm the track before recording the video. Thanks again for your help.

Ok, and when you have the notes visible in percussive mode you can check the length of the notes (and transform them to a bigger length to make them also visible in sustained mode).
There should be a setting to have a minimum midi-note length but I don’t know how to do that. I will ask that on the forum because I find that usable too.

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