Record "unseen" made with Ardour

Dear Ardourists,

December again, so time for releasing a little record into the wild of the net. “Unseen” fantasizes about these places on earth where you feel uneasy or happy or strange… some people think, that it is elves living there, or ghosts. Who knows? Have a listen or even a download:

And for the nerds, here come the technical details after the split…

Recorded - of course - with Ardour, over a Behringer DDX3216 console via ADAT into an old RME Digi pci card. For one piece I used seq24 sync’ed via Jack sync in order to control external FX and a sampler.

Mic: Røde NT5, with wind shield for the flute.
External FX: Lexicon MX200, tc m350.
Main software FX: Delay and Filter and Mastering Limiter of the old Kjaerhus VST collection, the usual LADSPAs (sc4, triple band parametric, simple amplifier, gate).
Instruments: ah, no show-offs here, stage piano, synthesizers, sampler, e-bass, a-bass, low whistle, djembé.

This was more work than I thought in the end. Not because of the mixing or because of Ardour, but because I tried hard to get the music part the way I wanted. Well, could still do improvement, but this is as good as it could get for now.

So, thank you Paul, and thank you all the contributers, for Ardour, which made this work possible.

And, of course, feel free to give nice or nasty comments.