Record to an external hard drive

Hi, I’ve had to set up my limited storage laptop with two OS and now I am even more limited regarding disk space. I’ve managed with a handful of GBs but now I’m considering recording directly into an external USB 3.0 hard drive, was wondering if anyone has any input that I should considering doing this. I understand as it is not “internal” it won’t be as fast, but won’t it be that much? also in terms of data safety is it as consistent when recovering from crashes and all?

You can test the drive reliability.

Create a session on the external drive. Record 20 mono tracks for 60 minutes. Then record 20 more tracks for 60 minutes while playing back the first 20 tracks. Check for xruns.

This gives you a rough idea about if it’s going to work or not. Sessions with lots of small regions will be harder to play back than this because the hard drive needs to seek a lot.

Always make a backup of you session to a different physical drive at the end of the day.

At work we used to record and edit our Pro Tools sessions on external Firewire drives on Mac Pro’s a couple of years ago and never had any problems. So in theory this should work on USB3 also.

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