Record streaming audio

Hi, can anyone tell me if is possible to record streaming audio with Ardour and if so how to go about it. I’ve read that this is possible but am finding the controls a little confusing. What settings do I need to adjust to be able to record what is going through my sound card. I would like to be able to record music from online radio stations. Any advice much appreciated

I’d say Ardour is the wrong application for this and rather suggest you use mplayer for instance instead. Try ‘mplayer --dumpstream --dumpfile OnlineRadio.wav http://what-ever-url-to-your-station

Afterwards you can import it into Ardour if you want to manipulate it although, if you just want to cut some ads or whatnot, it’d probably be easier to use Audacity, ReZound or any other wave editor.

mplayer is also a jack client with ‘mplayer -ao jack’

Ok, thanks for the advice. Will give mplayer and streamripper a try

Ardour isn’t going to connect to the stations directly. However, following the modular design of JACK, you can certainly take any of the JACK capable, internet-radio capable music players and connect their output to Ardour. I sometimes use Rhythmbox (via gstreamer and its JACK plugin) or xmms to do this. If you just want to dump the streams, then peder’s suggestion is probably simpler; there are also tools that do nothing but dump internet radio streams, such as streamripper.

I used Ardour to do this recently. But if you haven’t used it before, and all you want is to record an audio stream (and not use Ardour to compose music) then you’re going to have a useless learning curve.

Your main issues will revolve around finding the sound. This gives some good hints for using Audacity in an Ubuntu setup, though the specifics will be down to your soundcard:

I’ve been using RadioTracker to record streaming audio
Here is a nice tutorial on how to record music from internet radio:

Yup I agree. I have been using RadioTracker for a while already. It is really a great tool. You can do a lot of stuffs with the software at the same time including the record streaming. One disadvantage about this though is that it is kinda complicated for a start but once you get the hang of it, you will find it great!

I use TuneFab Screen Recorder to record streaming audio, and it works perfectly and also can help me record my YouTube videos. What an excellent recorder I have ever used.