record sound from XV2020 module

Hi, I am new to the world of midi and an oldtime ubuntu user. So, I have an axiom 61 midi keyboard connected to a Roland XV2020 sound module and I can play music from my sound system. Now, I want to have my computer involved. I have a Focusrite 2i2 soundcard and I would like to do the following. Record the audio that XV2020 produces in ardour and then playback from my soundcard. where I get stack is that I have no idea how and if it is possible to record from the sound module to ardour directly. The sound module XV2020 has a usb midi connection which I am using to connect to my pc. I then connect XV2020 and ardour via jack. I tried adding midi tracks and trying to choose the input but no luck figuring out what I have to do. In fact i do not even know if ardour knows that the XV is there and if what I am doing is in priciple possible. I am kind of lost, any suggestions? Thanks

You will need to connect the audio out from your sound module into your computer to record the audio. So plug it into the appropriate input on your sound card.

Create a new audio track and route your soundcard input to the ardour track, arm it for recording, then record.