Record position ?

Friends, being new to Ardour I managed to do some basic recording, running 2.8.11 under AVLinux, hardware is

AKAI MPK88 Masterkeyboard
Yamaha TG-500
AKAI S2000
Lexicon Omega Studio
(just for those who may be interested)

Well the thing is… its really amazing that Ardour thing, but that you surely figured out yourself already.

OK, so where is the problem ?

Boys, I just started a new session, everything is fine, MMC works, Ardour runs under the command of the transport of the MPK, Hydrogen is synced, no Xrun stuff. Really perfect. BUT… I don’t know why, but I managed that Ardour inserts a new recorded region AFTER the point when the recording is stopped. I believe to remember that it used to insert the new recorded region at that position the playhead had when recording was started last week. I’m afraid I made a wrong switching concerning that, but I have no idea how to correct it.
After goofing around serveral hours and consulting the FLOSS manual I decided to ask here, maybe one of you guys can give me a hint. That would be great.

Thanks a lot, my name is Gerhard from Germany.

thanks, man, that was it.

I really didn’t figure it out, but now it’s clearer. works great

THX again


I have to say THANK YOU for your excellent work (being a software developer myself, I know this is not easly earned money). I just made that PayPal thing “monthly 1st world”, they said it will run at 14. Oct. the first time.

Greez from Germany

ah, thank you very much.

next one is OT, I know, so just short:
I’ d like to donate, for good work needs good money. Did I figure it out right, that one has to “load” PayPal before donating ? How does the “monthly automatic” donation work with that, because I’d like to do that. (I have some useless newspaper subscriptions, I want to “redirect” that to Ardour). Thank for info.


@scg62: by way of explanation: in released versions of ardour “lock edit mode” is unfortunately bound to the “1” key, making it much too easy to trigger accidentally. The next release will have this binding removed, so it should be easier to avoid it happening by mistake in the future.

one additional thing…

I also can’t manage to MOVE the region, so I think that’s maybe in the same corner

Look to the top left, there is a drop down menu with the options ‘Slide’, ‘Splice’ and ‘Lock’. My guess is that you have that set to ‘Splice’. You need to have it set to ‘Slide’ then it should work as you expect.

@scg62: the only “preload” required is when paying to download Ardour (and even that seems to vary according to which country you are in and other uncertain factors). If you sign up for a subscription or just make a donation, it will “just work”. Thanks for your support.