Record "opaque" MIDI

I’m trying to record some MIDI drum tracks (using an electronic kit).
When I fumble a take and record again over the previous take, the two takes are not layered as an Audio track would be (where the latest take is audible and “hides” the previous take). Instead they seem to merge, and the result is a combined, completely awful drum track :slight_smile:

Is there any way to make a MIDI track behave as an audio track in this regard, and leave only the latest layer audible?

I’ve tried using Non-layered mode, but there seems to be no difference.

Layering mode on the track context menu seems to be a purely visual change.

It feels like I’m missing some obvious setting?

Best regards


This isn’t currently possible (as far as I know). Feature request is here:

To solve your problem in the meantime, try using different playlists for different takes and then switching between them.

Ok, thanks for the info. I’m reading up on playlists, seems like a good workaround.

Side note: I read the bug reports now, and it would seem there could possibly be a simpler solution than generating artificial notes.
I’m thinking any overlapping notes (those that continue into the next region) could be treated as either non-playing, or playing, and possibly have a user editable flag. Or perhaps the region itself could have edge settings to determine how overlapping notes should be dealt with. Still not an easy problem I assume, and I’m sure the devs may have already thought of similar solutions…


Did you try non-layered mode in 5.11 ? This particular mode was fixed for that release.