record monitoring

my setting for recording monitor is: Edit > Preferences > Audio > Monitoring > Record monitoring handled by = “audio hardware”.
what i get is that i still hear the background regions, and the newly recording instrument. how do i stop hearing the recording while i record? i need to hear only the pre-existing tracks. thanks.

mute the record track?

If that really is the option, then the audio you’re hearing isn’t coming from Ardour. The whole point of that option is to do precisely what you want. What version of Ardour is this?

ardour is 3.5.403. and i tried tu mute the track while recording, but i could still hear it.

Please verify this with a version of the current nightly builds, from Part of what you describe sounds as if you have an audio pathway through your audio interface, but part of it doesn’t fit with that at all. Another question: are we talking about recording audio or MIDI?

i am recording audio. i will verify like you said as soon as i can and see the results. thx

@paul, i was not able to install the current nightly builds version. so do not know about that.
what i noticed is, when i open ardour one of the pop up windows is audio/midi settings, where it asks for which audio device. i set it to the external sound card, but it does not specify if it refers to ins or outs, right?
another thing, when i change the in and out device from the qjackcontrol settings, what do i affect? it does not seem to change anything in my particular case.
and then there the routing window on ardour itself that can change in and out settings too.
i do not understand the relations between these 3 settings.
can anyone help me get the right view? thx

Hi, you wrote “…i set it to the external sound card”… So you have two audio/sound cards, right?
What is your external card, usb, firewire, RME, Presonus, Focusrite, Edirol…
Go to this link, and check it all. If you have onboard (chipsets) card and usb/firewire card you should
find out more informations and settings with alsamixer.
Than set your “favorite” or switch off onboard card in your bios settings :slight_smile:
Go all through!!!
Alsa is important to understand, then jack and its qjackctl; when you gott it,
next step is to enjoy Ardour, trust me, do it so.
1.understand Alsa
2.understand jack (qjackctl)
3.understand and enjoy Ardour

@stefabarta: i was not able to install the current nightly builds version … why not?

@nedzad: thank you, i think you hit the spot, i miss some informations that might be in the points you outlined, so i’ll try fixing the holes.
@paul: cause i do not know how to install from a “.run” file

.run file should be executable on your system. ( i believe you need to give it executable rights)
this is also important to understand.

see this vid