Record delay, no playback delay

I just noticed that when recording into Ardour a MIDI track controlled by Rosegarden, I’m hearing a delay in the recorded track while recording, but not when playing back.

Never had this problem with any previous Linux DAW running Ardour. What do I look for?

To correct my post (no edit button!), the hardware monitor appears to be slightly behind existing tracks in Ardour.


Is this what you mean? If so it seems to be a common issue:

I don’t think it is, although koerperklaus’ wording was a bit hard for me to follow. It seems, though, that he’s talking about recordings.

I’m talking about hearing what is already recorded in Ardour actually play AHEAD of whatever is currently being recorded and heard through my hardware. But when the new recording is played back, everything is perfectly in sync.

I’m not sure I actually heard this oddity the last time I recorded, but it was particularly noticeable during one session when I was recording drum tracks from a synth.