Record controller movements


Having problems with recording midi controller movements and CC messages when they originate from a third midi control surface set up with the “midi learn” thing…
I admit I am fairly new to Ardour still… but I have read most of the manual and I have been looking for all over in the manual and tutorials for this.

I have a midi track set up, linked to an external USB keyboard and an external synth. I can play and record perfectly well like this. Then I add a USB midi control surface and do the “midi learn” thing to link its first pot to the midi foot controller CC on the correct channel on my synth. When I record now, I can hear the notes and the change in the foot controller perfectly well, and all as expected, but when I stop recording and replay, all that has been recorded is the notes and not the foot controller CC messages.

What am I doing wrong? What else should I be doing? I certainly would have hoped that all that I hear as I record would get recorded…

I am using Ardour 4.6 currently as that is the one provided by my distro.

Thanks in advance

Recording controllers etc. is called “automation” and is completely and totally distinct from recording audio and MIDI musical data.

You need to enable automation recording for the controllers you want. There is no way to do it for “all possible incoming controllers”. There is some information on the manual on automation. If insufficient, ask here again.

Please note that we do not support Linux-distro provided versions of Ardour. The current version of Ardour is 5.8. If your distribution does not provide at least 5.6, I would suggest that you consider other ways to get Ardour.

Thanks for your help. I will update to 5.6 or 5.8 as soon as possible and report back if that doesn’t let me do what I need to do. Meanwhile, what I seem to want doesn’t seem possible on 4.6 because there is no “manual/write/record/touch” setting on the particular CC number I want to use (though I can record this CC number directly from the pedal on the target synth, just not from an external controller).

Thanks for Jack and Ardour!