Record button flashes/cannot seem to pick correct input OS X

I am totally new to this whole process, so I will try to explain the best I can what is going on :slight_smile:

I have my mic connected via XLR to my pre-amp. That it turn is connected to my Mac via USB. Just to let you know, I can and have gotten this to work with Audacity, so I know I am just missing something here.

In my sound preferences on my Mac, the “input” is USB Audio CODEC

On JACK Server, the following is set:
Driver - coreaudio
Input Device - USB Audio Codec
Output Device - Built-in Output

On Audio Midi setup:
USB Audio Codec is chosen as the input device. It says 2 in/0 out
I also see JackRouter, it says 2 in/2 Out.

Now…I open Ardour, it loads, I add a track. I try to record by arming (i think that is the correct terminology) track 1. When I hit the record button, it just flashes. I had gotten it to “record” once before, but it didn’t actually record any sound. I hope that makes sense. It seems to me that I need to tell it to use the USB Audio Codec? Or is that what JACK Server is doing?

I am a bit confused buy the whole situation. I know it’s something silly I am doing (or not doing) I just can’t figure it out.

Thanks for any help that anybody can provide.



One other thing I have noticed. When I start a new session, and go under the Audio Setup tab, the only interface that I have available is something called Soundflower (2ch). I am not allowed to choose the USB Codec.

It sounds like soundflower is installed on your machine and its configuration may be causing confusion with your Jack setup. The best way to handle this would likely be over IRC (Help>Chat in Ardour) wjere we can help you out in realtime. It may take quite a while for us to answer wheb you initially ask in there so just hang around so we can see it.