record a Midi track in the same time of a wave

I need your help.

Im using a guitar with midi pick up; therefore I can send out in the same time a MIDI signal and the guitar sound which usually a capture as Wav.

now the problem is when I record my solos I want to record in the same time both signals so that I can use the Wav as a real track in my song while the MIDI will be used to create music sheet and TABS…since we are talking to complex solos (fusion/cool jazz) most of the parts are improvised however I need to repeat all in live performances and without TABs im lost.

can the software record in the same time two track with separate signals ne MIDI and one sound/wav?

can the software produce music sheet and tab from the midi signal

can the software export a midi track so I can use another software to make tabs?

thanks for your support, I would really appreciate your prompt answer…the date for the live show is coming and without tabs I will be forced to improvise the solo…well im just scared at the idea ahahaha…I need some tabs :smiley:


tahnk a lot,

  1. if use multiple software but I need to record audio and Midi in the same time, how to sync the together to kick the start at the same beat?
  2. is tux guitar intelligent software for tab…let me explain according to my experiences: some Tab soft they import the midi and put on music sheet and TAB, the point is TAB need to follow a logic which is dictated by the finger stretching limitation and the pattern of a scale…cant just throw numbers on any strings…I found also GP has big limitations altough improved
  3. wow never heard of this Qtractor…but yesterday i nthe shop they pushing me in the direction of expanisve stuff like Qbase and Plogic…
  4. about Jazz, i do agree is improvisation, however in my case the song structure is too progressive to attemp mode/tone/time change every 4 beats, a small mistake and I will have tomatoes on my face live ahhahaha

hey guys thanks again…



regarding 1) well that’s were jack comes into play… if you connect both, ardour and rosegarden to jack and setup one of them as master (ardour for example) and the other one as slave (rosegarden) you get exactly what you want. you hit start on ardour, and rosegarden follows. really easy… as for the setup of this, you should try and google for “ardour rosegarden jack” or similar.
2) i don’t know how intelligent tuxguitar is, but i think it will not just throw notes on the fingerboard. you should just try it. when using a midi-pickup on a guitar there is typically one mode, where you output each string to a different channel. that way you get a 6-channel midi file and maybe (i have never done this) tuxguitar can import this and write the tab exactly as you played. i can’t see how a software could ever reproduce your fingerings from a single channel midi file. fingerings are a very “personal” thing. so what is good for one is bad for another.
3) well in a shop they won’t advertise for anything that is available in source form or for free…

thank a lot! I owe u!

can I ask if these software run for mac OSX?
seems perfect…yes the midi pick up send out the signal for each string and turn into Midi…I found GP not so smart…basically mix the signal of the string since it capture or better import only as midi notes :frowning: money gone…

i will give a try to these softwares if are for OSX…

if all work im on board…im waiting for my steinberger guitar to have my studio while trvelling…

short answer, no you can’t!

this will be possible in ardour3 though, which is coming along great but not yet ready.

it is however no problem to connect both ardour and rosegarden to jack and use them to record audio (ardour) and midi (rosegarden) at the same time. the midi file from rosegarden can then be cleaned up and imported to tuxguitar, which has the ability to print tabs.

so, you see there is a way…

as for my personal opinion, i would improvise the solos, that’s what jazz is about :slight_smile:

If you really need ONE program NOW to do the wav/midi recording you could try Qtractor.

(Hehe, the spam filter triggered on this post. Probably because I mentioned a competing product :wink: