Recommended USB/FireWire audio card

Hello everybody,

I’m currently working with a desktop computer and a M-Audio Delta44 PCI soundcard with a small 8channel mixer.
Some weeks ago I bought a notebook and now I’m looking for a similiar audio interface to become mobile. In future I will sell my Delta44 on ebay and use the new USB/FW interface only.
Operating system is Kubuntu Linux.

Is USB or FireWire the better solution?
Can there occure problems when I use a PCI-Firewire controller instead of an onboard controller with my desktop PC? (laptop still has integrated FW)

I need minimum 4in/4out, and two of the inputs with mic preamps. as I’m a student I can’t spend much, so I’m looking for some used devices from ebay…
The Terratec Phase 88 FW costs around 200€ but with 8 i/o’s it’s a bit oversized and it also has no headphone jack. The Edirol FA-66 would exactly match my needs but the Edirol stuff is expensive…

Can you recommend me an audio interface that works well with linux, ardour and jackd? prize maximum 200€?
impossible? :slight_smile:



Hi Sebastian,

I can’t help you with all of your questions, but I will say one thing. If possible, always go with FireWire over USB for audio work. That includes audio interfaces and external hard drives.

I’m not sure about which interface for you to go with. But isn’t the M-Audio stuff supported? If they are, they might be something worth looking at as they are rather cheap.

The only M-Audio firewire device that is supported by freebob or FFADO is the M-Audio Solo. But this is only a 2in/2out device :frowning:

But now I know for sure to take some FW device.

Not currently supported by FFADO (They have a card and they’re working on drivers atm) but you can take a look at Echo Audio’s range of cards. They are call pretty good from what I’ve heard.

i got a saffire pro 26 i/o a while back, and it is great… well sort of. you need to use freebob for the driver backend, and compile ffado to use it’s dbus mixing interface, as by default all inputs are monitored on every output all the time. once i figured out how to use dbusviewer to turn them off, it was fine. sound quality wise it absolutely shits on my current setup (rme hammerfall through behringer ada8000… guess which bit i think is the weak link…). the only negative sound wise is when the waveform clips on output you can really hear it.

the ffado site has been worryingly quiet lately, but the last news post was about focusrite (the company who make the saffire) are giving them full support.

if you can put up with these minor (and i believe temporary) inconveniences then i’d definately recommend it. just a shame my laptop has turned out to be too slow for what i need it to do.


ps. if you do go this route, i am trying to make a python/gtk interface to the dbus backend to make it easier to mix the signals and turn phantom power on/off etc. i have the frontend basically done, just getting my head around python’s dbus interface when using object instances :slight_smile:

Update: there has been progress at on updating the way the mixer interface, implementing what appears to be a full matrix mixer. looks like i’ll have to rethink my gui layout :slight_smile:

Hello, does anybody knows if the USB Audiophile is suported in Linux? Any special considerations? I’m planing on getting one of those myself, and a small 4 channels mixer, probably with spdif output, what do you guys think?It’s for a small home use, very simple.

Thanks a lot.

M-Audio USB devices are class-compatible, therefore they work under Linux.

I’m having a very hard time configuring this USB interface, here goes the questions I have:
1)Is it possible to make it the default out interface, instead of my internal sound card, not just using JACK, I mean with ALSA as well? If yes, how?
2)I’m having a VERY hard time configuring the Input with ardour(probably is JACK issue), I can put in hw:2 , hw:2,1 and hw:2,2 , none of this inputs work, and if I put in hw:2,2, there’s just a bunch of static, any clues?

If anybody can help me, I’ll be very glad.

Thanks a lot.