recommended remote controller ?

I need a remote control unit for Ardour. I intended to purchase a used Frontier Tranzport, but from what I’ve read here it seems that the Tranzport code in Ardour is not so reliable, is that correct ? So, what are my affordable options for any similar hardware ? I can probably spend up to US$200, maybe $250.

One related question: If I buy a wireless unit, what else will I need for its operation ? My machines are not currently set up for wireless networking, will that matter ? (Sorry if that’s a stupid question).


Dave – I recommend the Behringer BCF2000. It’s cheapo, and Ardour has very nice support right out of the box.

Comments about Behringer and quality and business practices notwithstanding, you can’t beat the price, and mine seems to be a pretty solid piece of equipment.

Now if they would only build one with LCDs for each track, so I could see which is which at a glance…

The tranzport code works but not as well as i would like. You don’t need any other wireless h/w - the device has its receiver and transmitter.