Recommended permissions for Jack and Ardour

This is probably a question that I should already know the answer to, but what are the suggested priv’s etc. that should be set in order to be able to run Ardour/Jack as a non-root user?

many thanks for all the great work.



assuming that you can get realtime privileges as a non root user using the realtime lsm packages or similar methods. jack and Ardour should require no special treatment.

When I attempt to run them I am told something about “cannot create /var/run/jack-1000”, or words to that effect.

Could it be a permissions issue on the /var/run directory?



what distribution is this, and where did you get JACK from?

something has been misconfigured…

Hi again,

I think I have solved my problem, though I am not sure why it arose in the first place.

My specs are:

CPU : AMD 64 (3500)
Distro: Sabay0n Linux (Based on Gentoo)
Kernel: 2.6.19-gentoo-r4

I (well, jackd) was unable to create sockets in /var/run/jack. So I changed /var/run/jack to be part of the audio group and gave it group write permissions.

Jack can now start as a non-root user, and I can get Ardour going fine. I don’t know if my problems will just return after a reboot or not.

I have been unable to find what the permissions for this directory should be (if there is a standard). If anyone is wise in the ways of such thinks, I am all ears.

Thanks again,


P.S. Ardour is one of the coolest bits of Linux software around. If we could do for video editing on Linux what Ardour is doing for audio, the world would be ours.

Hi, can anyone help me with recovering a project that some how corrupted? all the sound files, automation, etc are saved and seem to be ok, but the project file itself won’t open; the message it gives is this:

[ERROR]:Could not understand ardour file /home/…oun/oun.ardour
[ERROR]:Session “home/…/oun (snapshot oun)” did not load successfully

This was a near-finished project that I would really like to retrieve, so any help would be greatly appreciated.