Recommended audio interface Linux

I’ve been using a Behringer audio interface that I bought many years ago. It was cheap, about $50 and I get a crackling sound on record and playback and wonder if it is the interface doing it?
So I’ve been for a good though inexpensive one that will work with Linux. Since I am left feeling unsure about it all I thought to ask this forum for interfaces that are known to work.

I’m not an expert in a wide variety of these interfaces, but I can tell you my original-series Mackie Onyx mixers with Firewire work reliably with JACK and therefore with Ardour. I have two in parallel for a total of 36 tracks (32 + 2 x stereo mains), letting me route hard synths through soft synths and vice-versa, should I want to.

I’ve used those onyx desks for mixing live and recording, there pretty good little desks. Never knew that it worked in linux as i got offered one.

They are pretty cheap for what they are aswell.

Depending on what you’re looking for (I’m assuming your Behringer is a USB interface), I have a Lexicon Lambda which if I remember correctly works fine out of the box, although it’s been a long time since I connected that in Linux. If you are able to go with a PCI card, I highly recommend the M-Audio Audiophile 2496 which is what I’m currently using. It is very well supported in Linux and is great if you only need a couple inputs/outputs.

So far I’ve used the M-Audio Fast Track Pro (in 2008-2009, never got it to run at 24bit format, only 16bit back then), Roland UA-25EX (works great at 48khz rate, but if you want to use 96khz then you can only either playback OR record through the stereo inputs), Roland UA-55 (not fully functioning in Linux yet unfortunately) and now Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (this one works out of the box, records and plays back audio at 24bit format 96khz rate without a problem…I recommend this one…it’s cheap too).

@audiodef: Do you connect oone board to one port and the other board to the other port to get jack to see 36 tracks?

dsreyes1014: Yep. I’ve also connected them in series, but I prefer parallel connections when possible.