Recommendations for Firewire audio interface

Can anyone recommend a budget firewire interface that’ll work with a Linux machine?

I like Echo AudioFire for studio / musician use but no idea if that’s “budget” for you. I have also Behringer FCA202 but never tried that with Linux.

Well… that’s possibly within my price range, but more than I really want to spend. I was thinking more the $150-$200 category. I have heard good things about that unit, though. Any compatibility issues?

Would be good places to start reading;)

You should be able to get an Audiofire 2 or Audiofire 4 for close to that price range, and yes I agree they are nice interfaces that are likely to be supported by FFADO.


what does support mean? will the phantom power be enabled(there’s no switch) for the mics, and how do you get the hi-Z to work to for guitars(again no switch on the audiofire4) It’s all controlled by software… where as this USB 2.0 device I was looking at was unsupported but had all the switches.

Anyone tried the audiofire on linux and got it to record guitars and XLR microphones?
Inquiring minds want to know.

Support means that the guys who write the FFADO drivers have been given hardware and help from the manufacturer. Echo audio have been quite good on this front I believe. I have an AudioFire2 and it works well. There is a generic FFADO mixer app that has the controls for the hardware so I would guess that for the AudioFire4 the phantom and Hi-Z controls will be in there. I don’t know for sure as the AF2 doesn’t have any switchable features. You might find that sort of detail through the FFADO website or forums.

I run a Lexicon Omega Studio (USB) right now, and I plan to switch to a Phonic Firefly 302+. The new AVLinux 4.2 makes that step easier for me, for it supports FW out of the box.

OK, that doesn’t help you NOW, but I will report the next weeks about the FireFly…

The FireFly is interesting for me, for as a keyboarder who records via a lot of overdubbing, I just need a stereo line in and a phantom powered XLR input. Thats it.

I will report.

Im a very begginer in DAW and Linux as welll…
and I wanna take advantage of this good question… so How about that M-Audio Firewire 410??

Im in Japan and I found it quite cheap exactly in between this average amount of what “2handband” described…

What do u people think?

M-Audio FW410 does not work on Linux. Check as I mentioned above for information on what firewire devices do and don’t work on Linux.


Yes, I will. Thank you very much!!

i have had 0 problems for years with my Edirol FA-66. it has traveled the world with me, is very rugged, and has all the features for a budget (or better) FireWire audio interface. most importantly for your question, it has worked very very well with GNU+Linux (including FLOSS libre kernels) ever since i purchased it (both FreeBob and FFADO).

good luck