Recommendations for a midi bass plugin

Does anyone have a recommendation for a bass midi instrument plugin? I am using the General Midi Synth plugin that comes with Ardour. It’s okay, but if there is something out there that sounds a little more realistic for an electric bass - I’d appreciate the recommendation. (linux - fedora 34)

For that you’ll either want to look at using Vital (or it’s fork Vitalium) for physical modeling or using a SFZ library loaded into sfizz


I host some of Jeff G.'s SFZ files including some good electric basses, the SFZ files can be loaded into SFizz (mentioned already) or also SFZero or Carla Rack.

I am not sure this would fit with what you have in mind, but I use (and like) Modo Bass with Carla (and Wine). It’s not cheap nor open source, but works well and I really like how it sounds.

Thanks All.

I had some luck with the SF2 files. I replaced the instrument plugin from the General Midi Synth to the ACE FluidSynth plugin. That plug lets you load in the SF2 files. That seems to work pretty well

I tried the SFIZZ download, but just on the Windows version - it would not load: “[ERROR]: LV2: Failed to instantiate plugin Home - SFZTools” - so I’ll think I’ll stick with the FluidSynth one.

Thanks all - my project sounds much better:)

Oh I didn’t realize you were on Windows. I’d suggest looking at the Output products, specifically Substance - they seem pretty dope. They do have a string modeling plugin that could also do the trick

For the record if you are using Windows then Sforzando’s VST Plugin should host the electric bass libraries I linked earlier as well.

I’m late to this party, but I just found the Flaming Studios site. Among other things, the electric bass soundfonts are great fun.

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