Recommendation upgrade multiface II with 8 I/O s

I would like to upgrade my Multiface II with more analog In/Out channels, so I m wondering what best options would be. I m researching into having a ADAT AD/DA converter , but all posts and blogs i find are at least 10 years old :wink:

do you have a recommendation for a good AD/DA converter? would not need mic pres, line level would be sufficient. Or any other option? I was also thinking in buying a second multifaceII and use it as a ADAT AD/DA but read that it would not keep the configuration as a standalone box when powered down… etc etc.

I would like to not go with Behringer because of their (not so ) recent politics

thank you!!

What OS? I am guessing Linux?

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Yes, it is Linux! (Linux mint and Manjaro)

Ahh I misread your OP, sorry about htat, thought you were asking about new interfaces and I was going to suggest just expanding the Multiface with AD/DA anyways but I had to look up the multiface to make sure my memory was correct and ADAT was an option, which you answered so I won’t bother:)

So you could go with some of the cheaper 8 Channel ADAT preamp options, Focusrite and Presonus both have offerings in this area for instance. Or if you want something a bit more swiss army knife toolkit that matches your multiface you could look at RME again:

Note that the RME unit will likely outlast the Multiface is my guess, depending on whether you have the PCI or PCI-E version of the multiface:) Also I don’t remember if the multiface takes Word Clock or not but the RME option would give you the otpion if it does (And I do recommend it over using ADAT for clock).

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Seablade thank you for your suggestions! The RME card would be my preference if I would have the cash as I am a big fan of the build and sound quality of their products, but at the moment it is out of reach. I will look into focusrite and presonus options! They often come with preamps that i do not need, but they are still good options!

The multiface does take wordclock and I have heard that before at some point that it is better to sync via wordclock than adat, thanks for the reminder!!

the multiface is a pci card (if I remember right, I built it in years ago… :wink: ) so this is a valid point that I will need an upgrade at some point in the not so far future…!

Just reminded me: Matthias Carstens (RME chief) once stated (ages ago) that he himself would prefer syncing via ADAT (instead of WordClock) with cheap-ish devices because in his opinion those devices handle ADAT better - and ironically their WordClock implementation often is inferior. And of course the RME interfaces also do a really good job of smoothing out other devices weaknesses in these areas…

This statement has been made many years ago and devices of course improved technically since; but even more so, I think that the age-old question of ADAT sync vs. WordClock - at least for 90% of users - is a theoretical discussion with no real world implications… :wink:

Btw.: RME’s product manuals contain a lot of technical background info on all kinds of stuff. There is also a lot that can be done wrong with WordClock (connection, termination etc.) and it is definitely worth reading up on it if you intend to use it!

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thanks for that info! although not my primary concern at the moment, I will read that up! I have also a jünger Vamp preamp I m syncing over wordclock…

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