Recommendation for Windows/Linux Guitar Distortion Plugin

I’m using the guitarix pluging in linux for a guitar track, but i’m sharing the project with someone running Ardour on windows. Is there a guitar distortion plugin anyone can recommend that works on both Windows and Linux. (I’ve tried to stick with the plugins included in Ardour, but now I can’t)

thanks all.

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I personally can’t stand the guitarix distortion anyways. If I’m adding dirt to my guitar in the box (that’s a big “if”), I’m more likely to use Harrison’s drive saturation than anything else. And that is something you could get for Windows or Linux or even OSX. And right now, Harrison has some crazy sales going on.


I’m liking this these days:

Not cheap to buy now, I opted in on the Kickstarter campaign and I’m pretty impressed with it… Runs on Mac/Linux/Windows

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It’s currently 66% off so $39.99 versus $119.99 (at least it says that here:

I agree with the answers above but also wanted to mention these:

I like them, they’re linux native, and they have experimental Windows VST3 support.


Thanks for you assistance on this one. I will give them a try. I’ll post back. Thanks

I’ve been quite happy with Tonelib GFX, with the exception of the pitch alteration. Nice sounds and I find the latency is good.

Looks about $30US at the moment, and try it out for 7 days, I believe.

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