recommend me a (key) gate

Can some one recommend me an LV2/LADSPA gate with a key input?

Running Ardour 2.8.11 on Ubuntu AMD64.

I’m trying to gate the bottom snare mic keyed off of the top snare mic.


bump? This has never come up?

Near as I can tell none of the commonly available LADSPA/LV2 plugin bundles have a gate with a key input.

The SC plugins are compressors with side chain (key) inputs but as far as I am aware there are no gates that fulfil these criteria.

Well we are going to need to so something about that.

Can anybody recommend a LADSPA/LV2 gate with easy to follow source code?

I’ll step up and write the code to stick an input on to an existing gate. It’s a pretty basic tool that should be available.

I believe one of these gates may be a good starting point:

In fact these gates do seem to have the required key functionality, but it doesn’t seem to be accessible within Ardour as the key select uses a value (-1) which doesn’t appear to be supported in Ardour.




You misunderstand that. That gate is self-keyed off a certain frequency range, and the -1 value is in fact supported in Ardour. It allows you to listen to the signal as the gate is keying it itself, which is set by the low and high frequency controls. This is not the same as a side-chain capable gate however, it is similar to a sidechain with a low and high pass filter feeding the side chain based off the same input signal, if that makes sense.

It is however a nice gate, and my goto for work where I can’t or don’t need to use my WaveARTS MR Gate plugin(Which is a true downwards expander and why I like it).


If you are going to modify a gate I would recommend looking in to ABGate as it is LV2 and has a rather nice interface (though I would far prefer sliders to knobs in an interface).

The main obstacle to providing a keyed gate (or any external side-chain dynamics processing) is the lack of an easy and intuitive way to connect up the side-chain or key input. This is not just a problem in linux / ardour or LV2 but is also an issue in other plugin formats / host applications. The actual DSP processing required is not too complex - though as is always the case, (for it to work correctly) it’s a lot more complex than some people might imagine.