Recommend a version of Wine for ArdourVST version 2.4.1?


After a stint with 64bit I’m redoing my system 32bit with either Ubuntu Hardy Heron or Sidux 2008.1. Could ArdourVST users please let me know what version of wine-dev that is working on their systems? I’d like the option of either plug-in architecture. Thanks!

Hey GMaq,

I never felt any difference with the wine-dev version, so versions like 0.9.55 and 0.9.56 work in any case, I think every version will work for compiling.

But the wine version (that is actually running the whole ardour thing in it) is very unreliable. See
for my report about Ardour-vst.
You won’t like it, but in case you aren’t 200% familiar with what you’re doing and need a stable system, stay away from Ardour-vst.
It’s a pain sometimes because some VSTs are really great, but I found a workaround for every vst-plugin I used (except the de-esser).
It’s also not guaranteed at all that you will be able to open older vst-sessions without problems after a wine and/or ardour upgrade.

Consider it well. If you have favourite VST-Plugins, post them, maybe I’m interested in doing a list of ladspa-replacements for VSTs :slight_smile: There’s also a list in a post somewhere about good plugins.

good luck,

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate your honesty. I had a pretty stable ArdourVST running with Ardour 2.1, after much trial and error I was able to get about 15 or so VST plugs to run reliably enough to use. I upgraded my system and since it would do 64bit I gave it a go but there are too many Linux audio apps like JOST, WineASIO, Vst plug-ins etc. that really require a 32bit environment. As far as VST plug-ins I have difficulty living without my Waves Renaissance Compressor and some of the VST Reverbs, Don’t misunderstand me I’ve come to like many of the LADSPA plug-ins as well, but I have come from 10 years of a Cubase based Studio and many of the plug-ins are just second nature to me. But a list of LADSPA plug-ins with settings that approximate VST plug-ins would be of huge value to those new to Ardour and LADSPA.