Recomendeations for Live alternative w/ Ardour linux

Hello. Thanks to all for help on last question about interface.
Got some audio in yesterday. What a thrill.

My approach before this great dicovery was to use Pro Tools
for recording and editing Ableton Live for live performance.

I’ve been searching now for something like Live to use with
Ardour on linux. Can anyone recommend something like that?

Well, remember that most *nix apps follow the mantra of “do one thing and do it well”. (You probably have a hard time editing with ardour, since that is not what it was generally intended for.)

You probably want several apps working in conjunction to get the same functionality.

Here’s some programs you might want to look at:


And of course there are quite a few soft-synths you can toss into the mix as well, but the programs listed above should provide functionality similar to Ableton Live when used together.

Another tool I have found very useful is SooperLooper :

Check out FreeCycle for a very nice beat-slicer and general loop tool :

I wrote a 2-part introduction to loop composition with Linux sound tools that you might find interesting :

Also this article on JACK transport sync might be useful :

Have fun !

Reuben, Linx, DavePhillps,

Thanks for your help.

What a great moment in human history!

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Not to many excuses left I think.