Recognize BPM of an imported MIDI file

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I import a MIDI file into Ardour (the BPM of which I don’t know).
Ardour is set to 120 BPM by default, but…the track has another unknown BPM.
Is there an automatic way to recognize and set the original BPM of the track and have the grid automatically adapt to its BPM?

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The question is whether the MIDI you loaded has BPM info in it at all. If not, then I think 120bpm is the default.

In Linux, kmidimon for example can load, play and also display a midifile’s content as human readable text.
Tempo is encoded as microseconds per midi quarter note, kmidimon shows that and translates it to a bpm value in the same line of text.

yes, and yes.

Ardour’s import dialog has an option “Use MIDI Tempo Map”.
If the MIDI file has a fixed tempo is is also displayed top-right in the Import Dialog under “MIDI File information”. (It it has more than one tempo, the number of tempo-sections is shown there.)

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