Recent Song done in Ardour with AVLinux

Hi All,

First post here (nervously said).

Here is a unmastered, totally rough mix concept I am working on. All done in GMaq’s excellent AVLinux using Ardour for the tracking, with LinuxSampler playing the Nemesys Grand Piano. The guitar is my old Gibson SG I have had for thirty-five years. The guitar is running through an Ampeg chorus amp and is miked by a pair of Marshall condensor mikes. The bass guitar is plugged straight in to the input on the Echo Mona soundcard and the harmonica is me trying to act like I know how to play it.

A reminder, there is no mastering and just a little EQ on the drums. Everything else is unprocessed. I wish I had an excuse for my crappy voice but I don’t.

The drums were done in CoolEdit Pro using Drag and Drop Drummer samples in Windows because it does not work under Windows.

There are two links:

LowQ(3.2meg) = Gotta Know.mp3

HiQ(8.2meg) =

Comments sought/welcomed. I am considering putting a bridge in but do not want the song to be too long.



Actually the sentence referencing CoolEditPro should end with Linux not Windows.