Recent Purchasing Problems

It appears that PayPal has a bug that started a few weeks ago and is interfering in the smooth completion of the download process for some of our customers. If you run into problems after what you believe was a successful transaction, please point your browser at, enter your invoice ID (not transaction ID) from the your payment confirmation email, and your download will start.

We hope that PayPal will resolve this issue soon. I've amended our order processing system to try to help people when it appears that PayPal's bug has interfered with their transaction.

I just started a subscription ($10/month), and yes, I was logged in to ardour at the time adding the subscription.
Yet I’m not able to see any signs that I’m a subscriber on the “my account” page.
Is this normal? Perhaps it takes a while for the transaction to go through.
Sure, I won’t be doing any downloading until Ardour3 is out, but anyway, it would feel nice to get some response of the contribution.

@dknation: your subscription info is has been logged on, but has not appeared in the database. There are issues with the PayPal subscription system we use that sometimes (often) lead to it failing to register new subscriptions in the database. That appears to have happened here. In this case, PayPal sent the first payment before the notification of the signup, and although the subscription system we use is written to handle this, it sometimes (always? not entirely clear) fails to do so. I’ll make sure I manually push your status into the DB. Thanks fo your support.

Now same here, I subscribed via PayPal but Ardour website still says I should subscribe when I try to download stuff (although on the right side there is a text “Esa, thanks for your financial support.”

No hurry, but there seems to be a problem…

There is a lot of confusion about this. If you did not hear from me within the last 2-3 months about the fact that your subscription was not connected to your Ardour login ID, then I have no record and neither does PayPal of your subscription. I believe I am caught up on everyone who replied.

What is your PayPal subscription ID?

ID is #6NA57107SH064830E

#esa: that doesn’t look like a subscription ID. It looks like a PayPal transaction ID. I can’t find a record of it at paypal, which doesn’t mean much because they no longer let you search back very far. Did you actually sign up for a subscription, or did you make a one time payment? What email address do you use with PayPal ? Feel free to contact me by email:

Hi there, I have purchased a subscription, but my status hasn’t changed on my account page. I got emails from PayPal, but not Ardour. Profile ID: I-3SH973FABHU4.

Please email me at, and if possible please forward the email from PayPal associated with setting up your subscription. At this time, your subscription only exists in the records at PayPal - they have not notified of the subscription or the first payment.

EDIT: I’ve dug deeper at PayPal and for reasons unknown, there are about 30 notifications there marked “queued” which have not yet been delivered to us. I will check again when I get up (about 8-9 hours) to see if their queue has “unjammed”.