recent info on installing on fedora 26


I have a Dell precision M6500 and an Focusrite scarlet 2i4 mk 2 running on fedora 26.
It seems that it is hard to find any recent info on installing and setting up the laptop and the interface using fedora.

is there anybody here that has any pointers to recent documents? Most of the stuff that I can find dates back to fedora 22 or earlier

Thanks in advance

First, Fedora 28 is out today, so Fedora 26 will become unsupported in a few months. I would recommend upgrading.
If you are just now installing Fedora on your laptop then definitely do not install Fedora 26, get the new Fedora 28 installer and use that instead.

Second, install Planet CCRMA repositories. I don’t think the Fedora 28 repositories are active yet, you will have to install F27 CCRMA repositories for now:

Other than that, there shouldn’t be much to install for the interface, I found references going back to 2012 that said the 2i4 just worked when you plugged it in. Focusrite say that the Scarlett interfaces are class compliant, so should just work when you connect it.

There are some settings you can optimize to tune the OS for low latency use, but for starters just pick a period size of 1024 samples and you should be able to run with no problems.

Ok thanks, I decided to give Fedora 27 JAM a try . I don’t like to be on the bleeding edge so I’ll let 28 mature a bit before going to that.

That should be a good choice, go ahead and install the Planet CCRMA repositories, there are still some packages there which are not available in the base Fedora repositories yet. Fedora is released on approximately 6 month cycles, so Fedora 29 will be out in about 6 months, Fedora 27 will still be supported for a couple of months after that. The upgrade process is usually pretty smooth, so just wait a couple of months for the first round of security updates to land and upgrade with dnf system-upgrade.

@ErwinB: I am the same as you. I love Fedora, but NEVER run the latest Fedora releases. Too many introductory bugs from my experience. I am still on F26. Once 26 gets to EOL (or slightly before), I will update my computers to F27. Usually new Fedora releases become mostly stable after about a month, but I still prefer to stick with a non bleeding edge release.

@ccaudle: Even after installing all the CCRMA apps, I still tend to check things to make sure all went well, especially where JACK is concerned. By updating rather than doing a fresh install, much of this can be averted if a system is already configured correctly, but not always.