Rebuild ardour 5.12 with patch

Hello all,

I’ve the necessity of rebuilding the 5.12 including a simple patch that prevents a crash of Ardour after pushing “save” on the newest u-he plugins. The full story (including the link to the patch) is here:

I already successfully rebuilt the 5.12 version with the patch that solves the issue (verified), but this version lacks several Harrison plugins that I bought. Moreover I didn’t align yet the two waf configurations (the default waf produces a dbg executable). Waiting a new stable release (6.0) for me is not an option (don’t know when it will happen).

My question is: is there another way to have the harrison plugins by self-compiling ardour? is my compiled version the same as the one I get as “stable” download (apart fro the patch applied)?

I’m on linux mint 18.3.

Thanks for the support,

Alberto Zin

You have a couple of options. If you bought the licenses, feel free to contact Harrison support by email.

Alternatively you can copy the bundled plugin binaries from /opt/Ardour-5.12.0/lib/LV2/ to e.g. $HOME/.lv2/ or some other LV2 path:
You can also download and unzip the plugins to an LV2 include path: Assuming 64bit GNU/Linux:

Hello Robin, thanks for your quick answer! I followed your second suggestion, so I got the plugins (which is fine) but without the GUI, just the generic controls.
I suspect that I have to double check my graphical libraries configuration prior to build ardour :slight_smile: .


Do other LV2 plugin GUIs work? If not, you’re likely missing libsuil. Check Menu > Help > About > Config if “LV2 UI embedding” is “True”. Anyway, with self-builds you’re mostly on your own.

Hi Robin, you were right, I missed the libsuil and the embeddable GUI option. Now everything seems fine with Harrison plugins. I’ll QC the build for some more time and possibly replace the official 5.12 with my self-built one. This is an example of the power of open source :wink:
Thanks for the support.