Reason 11 / Reason Rack as VST3 plugin in Ardour


I am a longtime Reason user, and was a DIY computer/laptop builder back in the day. The time has come for me to ditch Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc… and it’s shaping up for self-built Linux machines.

However, my studio DAW and prospective live set up is strongly Reason instrument based, and now Reason 11 comes in the form of VST3 (and soon AU) plugins.

I’ve tried installing Ardour on my aging Macbook Pro. It scans and finds my Spitfire Audio plugins (VST and VST2) but does not find Reason Rack VST no matter where I try copying it to - and definitely not from the same location.

For me to take the plunge into using Ardour as part of a Linux based studio and building a little Raspberry Pi sound bank for my hybrid synths, some clarity on plugins like Reason Rack and its compatibility would be much appreciated - and a “how to install Reason Rack in Ardour” irrespective of the platform would be highly useful information for others looking.

Thank you and peace out.


Ardour does not have support at this time for VST3 plugins. This is currently under development. I was not aware that there is no AU version of Reason … unbelievable!


AU version of Reason is coming by year’s end, apparently, but probably later.