Reality Knocking at My Door

This is just how I feel when reality is knocking at my door asking to come in and join me.

All guitars and the bass were recorded with my POD X3 Live.

Softwares used:

cool track, i like it.

Thanks a lot, hg87!

Sounds good man! DT fan? Sweet meter changes and guitar playing. I’d recommend boosting the rhythm guitars and drums. Sounds like you’re really into hearing that lead track but I think it should be nestled into the mix a little more.

Hi rgrwkmn!

I wouldn’t say I’m a Dream Theater fan but I surely like what they do.
I’m more into King Crimson right now. :smiley:

As for the mixing, I do agree with you. But I tweaked that mix so much that at a certain point I just decided to stop messing with it and just take it the way it was at that moment. So the leads are a bit higher then what they should but until I decide I’m going to record every thing from scratch again, with new tones and all, I’m keeping it as it is.

Anyway, thanks for your comments and suggestions!

Listened to your mp3, good solo, bass also has right sound.

But in drums/rythm_section I hear something like… you know… digital clippings.

Are you sure levels in&from Hydrogen are all ok?

Hi beta.
Thank you for taking the time to listen to it and for your comments!
As for the drums, I’m positive about the levels being set right.
I can not hear the clipping you’re saying. Not on the drums.
However, I do know that the clean guitar for the intro is clipping but decided to leave it that way. Are you sure it is not the clean guitar from the intro that you hear clipping?

No, its not the guitar.

I’m hearing the mp3 on a pair of Adam P22A and [mono-ish] on a Tivoli model-1.

Maybe the drums arent clipping in meters… but for me the drum’s sound is digitalclipping-like.

Only my opinion he… :slight_smile:

I see what you mean beta. It might be due to the compression to mp3. What HG drumkit did you use ? were the drumkit samples already compressed ? Regarding the style, I won’t comment, it’s all a matter of taste :wink:

Like the track. The guitars are quite spacious, and I would add a bit more “environment” to the rhythm track to match the guitars - ie. a (little) bit of hall reverb and some more low frequency punch.

Live drums would obviously be best… we wish!